Policy 7

We will act agilely and challenge ourselves.

The traditional starting point for government activities has been to ensure stability and predictability, for which reason its operating methods are designed in part to be rigid. However, the rapidly changing operating environment requires us to renew our expertise and adopt more agile and flexible practices. We will develop governance by systematically utilising strategic experimentation, flexible processes and rapid learning between different functions of government. Flexibility is built, for example, by making more versatile use of guiding mechanisms, good personnel policies, introducing digital solutions, examining the possibilities of new technologies, and by impact-based regulation and rapid iterative planning processes.

Move forward

Implementing the change will require at least the following actions:

  1. We will plan and organise governance actions in line with assessment indicating where the greatest impact can be achieved.
  2. In government, we will increase the ability to think systemically and review operations, as well as to continuously renew expertise.
  3. We will strengthen our experimental culture and our ability to conduct strategic and practical experiments. We will implement agile and iterative design processes.