Policy 5

We will work consistently and together.

We will review our operations so that we can improve the way we work across internal structures and borders more smoothly and coherently, for example through guidance and management systems. Siloed thinking in government has been highlighted in many studies as one of the weaknesses of public governance. Administrative branch specific and government agency specific performance management, the authorities’ own service networks, management structures, resourcing, traditions and narrow-minded attitudes for their part support limited cross-facilitation and do not adequately encourage working together across administrative boundaries. We will promote cohesion across government, for example by increasing phenomenon-based policy preparation, and by building electronic transactions as online services and shared customer service points of public governance. We will strengthen smooth cooperation between central and local government as well as the Government’s coordinating role in facilitating cohesion. We will ensure that the communications in Swedish between the central government and the autonomy authorities in Åland continue to work well. Where necessary, we will increase incentives and focus guidance to overcome obstacles critical to working together.

Move forward

Implementing the change will require at least the following actions:

  1. We will create and monitor inter-administrative strategic goals and expand the public governance ‘At work for Finland’ line of thinking.
  2. We will strengthen the shared operating culture of public governance and expand shared support services.
  3. We will manage and develop the national level of shared central government customer service cross-administration.