Policy 2

We will expand opportunities to exert influence and encourage people to participate in policy preparation and decision-making.

Building a governance that is meaningful to people requires that we develop and utilise new ways to bring a wider scope of people into realm of society’s functions. Trust in one’s own possibilities to participate and exert influence, trust in the authorities and the experience that democracy functions well have a significant impact on the stable development of society. We will expand the possibilities for participating and exerting influence by introducing new ways to participate in democracy. We will work for people to feel heard and understood in society. We will pilot various digital means of participation, and especially at the local level utilise methods of e.g. participatory budgeting. We will safeguard the operating framework of democracy through reliable and open information and by supporting the civil society. We will strengthen our role in building the international rules-based system.

Move forward

Implementing change will require at least the following actions from government:

  1. We will strengthen co-creation processes and openness in policy preparation, strategic projects and the planning of major policy programmes. In this way we will make visible the impacts of participation.
  2. We will make full use of digitalisation in developing ways to participate and exert influence. We will also intervene in the dissemination of false information through international cooperation.
  3. We will strengthen an operating culture that supports and appreciates participation and open dialogue, both domestically and internationally.
  4. We will strengthen, among others, service design and network management capabilities.
  5. We will use language that is understandable to those involved.