Policy 1

We will organise our services in a people-centric and diverse way.

People-oriented and diverse services mean proactive, effective services that take into account the needs and circumstances of different people, businesses and organisations. We will develop services together with our clients by identifying different life courses, habits and circumstances as well as considering linguistic rights. We will secure people-oriented and equal services in a diversifying society throughout Finland in an economically sustainable way by making extensive use of knowledge and digitalisation. We are responsible for ensuring that the various public services and benefits are easily accessible, understandable, interoperable, safe and reliable.

Move forward

Implementing the change will require at least the following actions from government:

  1. We will build services around life and business events in a proactive and evidence-based manner. We will utilise high automation to reduce the need for transactions.
  2. Through digital information, we will increase the ability of people and communities to control and influence their service paths.
  3. We will strengthen the government’s capability to identify and modify structures and processes that cause inequality. Among other things, we will develop the use of language and communication in public governance to make it easier to understand and better support equality.