The shared goals of public governance direct government renewal and joint action in the coming decade.

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Goal 1/6

Acknowledging diversity strengthens equality

Governance strengthens equality by acknowledging the diversity of people and their everyday lives. It takes into account the needs of different people and groups using different languages, and builds a sense of cohesion and fairness.

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Goal 2/6

Intergenerational responsibility ensures nature’s carrying capacity

Global, intergenerational responsibility for the limits of resources and nature’s carrying capacity creates sustainable wellbeing.

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Goal 3/6

Ability to imagine guides change

The Government is able to systematically, and in a creative way, to imagine possible futures and new ways of carrying out the responsibilities of governance. Structures are renewed, new technologies adopted, and practices developed via bold experimentation and controlled risk‑taking.

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Goal 4/6

Action is based on evidence

Preparatory work and decision‑making in government are evidence based. Information used for decision‑making is openly available. Government is able to make informed decisions and identify new opportunities for action, when it extensively seeks and utilises reliable and diverse data, and builds international partnerships.

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Goal 5/6

Trust is built actively

Governance relies on practices creating continuity and bears comprehensive responsibility. Empathetic governance fosters social capital rooted in trust.

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Goal 6/6

Open government works together

Open government reinforces dialogue in society and promotes everyone’s right to understand and be understood. It serves, communicates clearly and creates opportunities to participate. Government operations are consistent and transparent. Working together internally, more broadly with the rest of society, and internationally is a requirement for success in the 2020s. Finland actively promotes open government on the international level.