Strategy for Public Governance Renewal

The public governance strategy will guide and strengthen the renewal of public governance as a whole from 2020 to 2030. Well-functioning public governance is a key element of a well‑functioning democracy and welfare society.

A consistent and determined renewal of governance as described in the strategy, will streamline everyday services, ensure legal certainty in society and create new opportunities for business and communities.

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Pledge to society

Public governance constructs sustainable everyday life for the future and a functioning and safe society in all circumstances.

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The strategy sets a target for 2030:
public governance builds sustainable wellbeing in the midst of upheaval


are based on enduring Nordic values and the principle of the rule of law.


are interpretations of what the pursuit of the goals means in public governance in the 2020s.

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Goals for governance actions in 2030

The public governance strategy provides a common direction for government renewal in the 2020s. The strategy will enable public governance to meet the challenges of the decade and secure access to services for individuals and communities. The target is supported by the shared goals of public governance, which direct government renewal and joint action in the coming decade.

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– this is how
we reform
public governance
in the 2020s

Policies describe how governance will be renewed in practice. They are interpretations of what the pursuit of the goals means in public governance in the 2020s.

Policies are a tool for public governance leadership, management, developers and staff to guide activities and prioritise. They help us build a well functioning and adaptable public governance that is renewed over time and they help us in making the government an attractive employer.

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Implementation programme puts recommendations into practice

The strategy will be implemented extensively in public governance during the 2020s. For implementation in 2021–2022, the Ministry of Finance and the Association of Finnish Municipalities will prepare an implementation programme in cooperation with stakeholders. The continuously updated implementation programme will be published on the website

The political management group for public governance reform, consisting of ministers, will monitor the implementation of the strategy. Progress in line with the strategy will be monitored and evaluated continuously as implementation advances, and more comprehensively at the end of 2022.